The Plains is exactly what everyone pictures your stereotypical small town to be: a couple streets of shopping, a few beautiful historical homes, a school and one 3-way stop – no traffic lights. So while The Plains edition of the Restaurant Guide includes all of the restaurants in The Plains (because, yes, there are only 4), each one is incredible, unique, and very much worth the trip down Route 66.

Girasole | 4244 Loudoun Avenue

Chef-owned and operated, Girasole uses only the freshest ingredients to create authentic, regional Italian menus. In the picturesque village of The Plains, you’ll experience exceptional service, a relaxing European atmosphere, and the highest quality food and wine. The pasta is made fresh daily, be it stuffed or formed, and desserts follow original recipes from France, Switzerland, and Italy. Watch the interview with the couple behind the magic here.

Front Porch Market & Grill | 6483 Main Street

Located in a historic railroad house that underwent an extensive renovation in 2015, Front Porch has transformed into a restaurant emphasizing fresh and local ingredients, creative recipes, and a market featuring unique treasures.

The Rail Stop Restaurant | 6478 Main Street

The Rail Stop Restaurant offers gourmet quality dining for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, providing a fine dining experience for everyone. All breads, pastas and desserts are made on site along with other items to help create a top dining experience.

Happy Creek Coffee & Tea | 6485 Main Street

Happy Creek Coffee & Tea began because of a passion for really good coffee, the love for exceptional food, and a significant need for completely gluten-free eating establishments. They offer the finest in gluten-free baked goods, sipping chocolates, fresh-squeezed juices, whole-fruit smoothies, banana ice cream, and homemade vanilla and mocha syrups.


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