“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”
– Doe Zantamata

Whether it’s news channels, Facebook feeds, or email inboxes, we’re being flooded with everything COVID-19. The phrase “uncertain times” or some iteration of it seems to be in everything we read. Virginia’s Governor Northam announced yesterday many of the same mandates as other states surrounding gatherings and non-essential businesses.

“Uncertain times” is true – “dark times” is probably more accurate. It’s during these difficult, stressful, and anxiety-ridden periods that we see the true nature of people. Rather than focusing on the negative talk or dissension that seems so prevalent, we thought we’d add some positivity to your day. The response to this pandemic from people and businesses in our communities has been nothing short of beautiful and it’s a response we want to celebrate.

Catoctin Creek Distillery is providing free sanitizer to those who need it most. With their first batch of sanitizer, CCD was able to serve over 100 families, six police stations, two emergency services, two hospitals, one senior center, and the FAA in Leesburg. You can donate to their efforts (or just help by buying some booze) on their website.

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The Loudoun Chamber Foundation matched gift pledges to support local tourism and hospitality workers. These donations will provide financial support to local hospitality workers who have lost their jobs or seen their hours and pay severely limited, due to the ongoing crisis. 

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Clifton Restaurant Trummer’s is donating two meals a night to a nearby elderly resident or immunocompromised local. Their also providing “blue glove” curbside service to all their customers that continue to order take-out while their dining room is out of commission.

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Alexandria Restaurant Partners has raised over $18,000 for employee relief efforts. The effort offers over 80 ARP employees fresh produce, milk and toilet paper free of charge.

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BENEFIT Artists Line Up for Virtual Community Concert on Saturday Night. When BENEFIT co-founder Ara Bagdasarian floated the idea of having area artists participate in a virtual community concert to help entertain residents stuck at home during the virus outbreak, the response was overwhelming.

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Ways you can get involved

A note from our of our favorite non-profits, A Farm Less Ordinary:

All Virginia schools have been closed, which means that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who depend on the support and reinforcement of social conventions, as well as the socialization provided by the school system, are deeply affected. They have now been cut off from most of the supports and people they have come to rely on. Given the amount of space, sunlight, and fresh air on our farm, we are able to provide services during a time when the schools cannot. We are keeping people that are somewhat socially isolated, in many cases, busy and still connected to the outside world. Our services are helping to lift the spirits, and maintain the mental health of a special group of people, that usually need a little bit more support than the average person to get through the day.
– Maya Wechsler, Co-Founder of A Farm Less Ordinary

Visit A Farm Less Ordinary’s site to donate or sign up for their CSA boxes.

Heard of other great community responses? Let us know! We’d love to share more.

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