As you can see, Loudoun County is stunning! Whether you’re looking to move to the Northern Virginia area or you’re planning a day visit from Washington DC, Loudoun is a must see (and live)!

Loudoun County is often known for being the richest county in America. With its vast offering of jobs with employers such as Dulles Airport and the Department of Homeland Security it’s a place that often makes the top of the list of best places to raise a family.

Green rolling hillsides, boutique wineries, horse farms and great schools are often cited. A Sunday bike ride along the W&OD bike trail and a drive through winding country roads is only part of it.

It’s a place of friends who plow their neighbor’s driveway during heavy snows, churches that raise money to clothe and feed those in need, not only locally but globally. It’s a place rich in music and arts, home to Pulitzer Prize winning authors, well-known politicians and entrepreneurs: Russell Baker; former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; best-selling author Tony Horwitz; wealthy entrepreneur and author Sandy Lerner.

If you don’t happen to call it your home, it’s also a fabulous place to visit! If you come our way, give us a call!

Visit the Loudoun County website.
(written by Julie Hildbold)


Leesburg is on the National Register of Historic Places and is cited as one of the best preserved and most picturesque downtowns in Virginia.

Ashburn is conveniently located only 30 miles west of Washington, DC in Loudoun County, Virginia. While Ashburn is quickly growing and has every modern convenience, close by is Virginia's Hunt Country, with a number of historic horse farms and wineries....

Historic Purcellville is a vibrant small town of stunning boutiques, fine schools, farmer's markets and friendly people.

Rural but close to everything. The very narrow town of Hamilton, about a mile long and a block wide, is a tiny hamlet in western Loudoun County, about 50 miles from Washington.

Steeped in equine lore, the Middleburg area has long attracted prominent horse and field sports lovers...
Round Hill

Round Hill is mostly known for its small town feel and locally owned restaurants. Bogati Winery is highly rated because of their presence and taste. Hill High Country store is a ‘must stop’ country shop that provides all local items and is located right...
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