Let The MRE | AP New Listing Marketing Package Do The Work for You

How does having your listings marketed online to an additional 252,000+ potential buyers within a week of hitting the MLS sound? How does having that happen automatically without you lifting a finger, not even for a keystroke, sound? We think that sounds simply better!

When we say our marketing is "savvy and strategic," we're not just bragging. After careful research and development, our marketing team has devised an effective online marketing strategy that is proven to work. Our marketing team is alerted when listings hit the MLS and gets to work, giving you more time for other things. This is just a small part of our REALTOR® marketing support system. Click here for more about how we take marketing support to another level.

Blogs + Email Campaigns

Each week, the brokerage website publishes an engaging Just Listed blog post and an Open Houses page for homes listed within our firm. These are then promoted through email to 7,300+ subscribers that include potential buyers and local real estate agents.

Social Media Posts

Each property is featured individually on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (where applicable). Additionally, our Just Listed blog post and Open House promotions are shared with our substantial 9,000+ social media following.

Facebook Groups

We share each Just Listed Facebook post from our business page to a curated list of local community Facebook groups to gain even more exposure for your property. These groups consist of 165,000+ people in your area looking for homes like yours.

Premier Email Program

Your listings are showcased in an email that is sent to your personal list (if provided) within days of hitting the MLS. The open rate for these emails is consistently over 56%, and often results in client engagement. Your email list stays exclusively yours.